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Skijoring Magazine


Skijoring Magazine


Promoting the sport, organizers, associations and competitors behind the extreme sport of Skijoring!


For more than Twenty Years I have been involved in the sport of Equestrian Ski Joring. As a competitor, organizer, and board member on several associated Ski Joring organizations. I have promoted Equestrian Ski Joring all over North America. Continuing, I have embarked on a new and exciting endeavor. SkiJoring Magazine.


The vision of Ski Joring Magazine is to be a nonprofit, informational, and an interactive forum for the interests of the world.


Anyone that is interested can be apart of the “Ski Joring family” and of Ski Joring Magazine.


The support of one another has proven to be a unique benefit to the sport that we love. The magazine will welcome Writers, Photographers, Competitors, Organizers or any Contributor to join in.

Nonprofit Organizations that want to offer as a benefit to any organized Equestrian Ski Joring event can use this magazine to promote their own organization. Free magazines will be delivered to any nonprofit benefactor that helps race organizers establish a safe and competitively fair Ski Joring Race.

We at Ski Joring Magazine are in hopes that with the help of the Ski Joring Family we can produce and promote Ski Joring and Ski Joring Magazine for many years to come and even grow the sport of Ski Joring from local races to an Olympic event.

Scott C. Ping

Publisher Ski Joring Magazine


Scott Ping

Founder & Publisher

Scott C. Ping

Francesca Reda

Media Coordinator

Francesca Reda

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