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Skijoring Magazine

We offer advertising packages to select sponsors who are equally committed to the success and promotion fo the exciting sport of U.S. Skijoring. Simply fill out the Contact  form with your contact information, ad photos etc and we will contact you to get started with your Skijoring Event Advertisement on our website and facebook page.  You may also contact us through our email at

OUR GOAL is to promote the sport of Equestrian Skijoring as well as provide resources for associations, organizers, competitors, and fans of this exciting and very popular sport.

Why Advertise With Us?

The sport of Skijoring offers advertisers of all types to present their Skijoring event, products and prices to a massive fan base across the country.  Sharing your Skijoring event on our website and facebook page will help promote and bring many new competitors and spectators to your event.


Here is a sampling of products and services that fit very well with the Skijoring fan base and demographic.

Equestrian Supply | Trucks | Ski & Outdoor Apparel Food | Beverages | Western Wear | Outdoor Sporting Gear | Photography & Video Equipment | Lodging | And More

Our website tracks industry news featuring the sport of Skijoring as well as provides unique articles and profiles for organizers and competitors.

Distribution: Internet Wide
Potential Reach: 25k + impressions a month and growing fast

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