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Dark Vader AKA Blacky

Whitefish Skijoring 2023 - Owner, Scott Ping, provided Karissa Enders, from Canada, his old barn sour horse, Blacky, a 20 year old Tennessee Walker, Blacky loves his buddy, Chance so much that he goes coocoo when he is apart from him. Karissa came out to the ranch and took control of him the day before the race weekend on Jan 27, 2023.

Whitefish Skijoring Race - Jan 28 & 29th..... Karissa had two pulls, each day, with Blacky and he got better and better.....On Saturday, she finished with skier, Shawn Jenkins, in the Novice Division in 36.02 seconds on a 887 feet J hook track. And the scratch the second run with Michael Fischer. On Sunday, she finished 16th with skier, Shawn Jenkins, in 27.61 seconds and 17th with Michael Fischer they finished at 29.10 seconds.........he LOVES running! (photo by Francesca Reda)


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