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Todd Patterson

Todd and James at Whitefish Skijoring

Todd has been a long time Skijoring Rider. He has succeeded in racing the Skijoring tracks to surviving a kidney transplant...thanks to our Skijoring Family...

My history in Skijoring, and my journey through kidney failure, and resulting transplant which was only made possible through my Skijoring family, specifically 3 young women, whom are also competitors. These young women, through their contacts on social media were able to find another young woman who was willing to donate a kidney to me, which literally saved my life, as I had been on dialysis for 4 years, and my health was declining rapidly. Through their efforts, and the Love of my donor, I was transplanted on the 28th of June,2022. In the almost 6 months since, I have regained my health, gained back the almost 40 pounds I had lost, and am competing again this year at 70 years old! By Todd Patterson


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