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Jason B. Reinsberg

Name: Jason B. Reinsberg

Age: 13 years old

Hometown: Columbia Falls, MT Flathead County

I am a: Skier and Rider

Experience: 3 years

Bio: I am an average boy who likes to do adventurous things. I enjoy being outside and it doesn’t matter the weather. In the summer I go camping, hiking, and boating/kayaking. In the winter I like to go snowmobiling, and skiing on Big Mountain. I own my own horses and enjoy going horseback riding. My horse is a chocolate colored Rocky Mountain mare named Lucky Luna. I go to school in Columbia Falls; a 7th grader at the junior high. I play soccer, started playing the clarinet, and have an average GPA of 3.554. While I’m not at school I enjoy doing Omoksee events, playing airsoft with my older brother and entering in many events at the fair. I enjoy hanging out with my whole family, which makes skijoring more fun and exciting to do. When I ride Lucky Luna I am pulling my dad behind me and our team name is “The Caboose”, since we usually come in last place. My mom is the rider when I ski and our team name is “And In First Place”. She thinks it’s funny when they announce us, and I just go with it. Just a fun fact, the first time I ever skijored was only the third time I ever put on a pair of skis.

Participating in: Due to covid and mother nature I am disappointed that I may not be able to participate. If and when the flathead valley gets snow, my family and I plan on doing the virtual skijoring event on Facebook put on by Bakers’ Acres Ranch. And I have asked Scott Ping before if I could enter into the Whitefish event, but I’m just not old enough yet.

FYI: You may have seen me before in regards to Skijoring; I have been in the Hungry Horse Newspaper, KPAX news station, as well as


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